Toddler and Child Massage

 Offering childrens’ therapies in South Bristol.

If you’ve forgotten the moves or you’ve lost confidence in how to massage your child, then you may want to book a refresher appointment. 

Alternatively, as your child gets older, you can book them for a therapy. I hold a DBS certificate and you will be expected to be present while your child has a therapy session

Massage Refresher

Want to remind yourself of the massage strokes and how to adapt it to your older child? This session will teach you how to make it fun, adapt a traditional baby massage routine and make it age appropriate for your growing child


Bespoke Massage

Need bespoke support? We can focus on identified issues with your toddler and child and put together a combination of different  techniques, such as massage and aromatherapy, to support you and your family


Story Massage

Great for toddlers or children who don’t want to sit still for long, learn how to use massage and short stories on your baby’s back. The stories can be ones already written or you can get creative and make your own – it’s about you and your child’s imagination


Ongoing Support

You may not receive handouts or a pack for these sessions, as they are bespoke for you and your child. If you do get any questions after the session you are always welcome to get in touch

How Much Does it Cost?

Childrens’ Therapies in South Bristol:

Refresher sessions cost £45 at my clinic or £60 at home, and will be tailored to you and your child. A session will last between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on what we cover and you should find one session is enough. Any follow up sessions will be charged at £30

Therapies with myself are reduced for children. Contact me for prices

Ready to Book?

Refresher sessions can take place at your home or my clinic, depending on what is best for you and your child. When getting in touch, let me know where you would like the session, which days are better and what time of day. I can then let you know my availability