Baby Massage Consultation Form

Thanks for booking onto the baby massage course. In order to make the course paper-free, please can you fill in the below and press submit. I’ll then receive the details and will contact you if I have any queries. If you have any issues with the form, please contact me at

Your baby massage checklist:

  • Baby (most important. If you arrive without this one I will ask you to find them – everything else we can work around!)
  • Your nappy bag which should hopefully have: nappies, feed, dummy, a small toy.
  • A bottled drink for yourself (because you’re important too)
  • A blanket and/or towel (oil can stain over time, so try to use one you don’t mind possibly being marked), in the colder weather it would be great if you can bring both as we will need to have windows open.

Don’t forget to wear a facemask until you sit on your mat in the room. I will make sure I have a negative lateral flow test and will be following COVID-19 cautions to keep us all as safe as possible.  If you’re concerned about staying safe or have any questions before the course, please do contact myself or the childrens’ centre

I look forward to meeting you at the start of the course!


Baby Massage Consultation

Privacy & Consent Notice:

The Purpose of processing Client Data - I hold and use this data to ensure the best possible teaching, support and advice.

Lawful Basis for holding and using Client Information - The lawful basis under which I hold and use information is my requirement to hold your information in accordance with legal reasons relating to ‘claims occurring’ insurance. As I hold special category data (i.e. health related information), the Additional Condition under which I hold and use this information is for me to fulfil my role as a health care practitioner bound under the FHT Confidentiality, as defined in their Code of Practice and Ethics.

What information I hold and what I do with it  - I need to ask for and keep information about your baby’s health to ensure correct advice is given to safely massage your baby. I will not share your information with anyone else (other than as required for legal process) without explaining why it is necessary and getting your explicit consent. I will keep your information in line with the lawful basis listed above.

Protecting Your Personal Data - I am committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, I have put in place appropriate managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information collected from you.

Full details of your rights can be found at


Guidelines for Baby Massage

 Here are some helpful suggestions to ensure you and your baby enjoy your massage sessions together:

 Choose a time when you are least likely to be interrupted

  • Ensure the room is warm enough for your baby
  • Avoid bright lighting, if possible
  • Make sure you have everything to hand before starting: towels, nappy, wipes, massage oil
  • Remove any rings or bracelets before you begin
  • Be careful if you have long nails
  • If you or your baby are feeling unwell, do not massage
  • Wrap your baby up before picking them up after massage, as the oil can make them slippery, and you may get oil on your clothes
  • Use a towel you do not mind getting stained. Over time, the carrier oil can leave marks
  • Do not massage your baby\\\'s stomach immediately following a feed. Allow at least 30 minutes to allow your baby to digest their food.
  • Never force or rush you or your baby
  • Be aware of your mood, if you feel tense or stressed focus on relaxing before you give your baby a massage or they may pick up on it!
  • If your baby has had immunisations and you feel they may not be feeling well, do not massage. If you feel your baby is fine, you can massage but avoid the areas they have received the injections, as these will be painful for your baby.
  • Remember that food and massage is much more important than a massage! If you feel your baby would prefer one of these, stop the massage.

Aftercare Advice:

  • Avoid exposing your baby to direct sunlight following the massage, as any oil left on the skin will attract the sun.
  • Ensure you keep your baby warm, offer them a drink and allow them to sleep if they wish.

If your baby is unwell:

If you feel your baby is unwell, has a temperature, or is crying excessively and cannot be comforted then it is best not to attend the massage class, and if necessary, seek medical advice. Never practise on a distressed baby and if there are any breathing difficulties, please seek appropriate medical advice.


A few final points to remember as you & your child get used to baby massage...

- Massage should be enjoyable for you & your baby

- You can find a time of day suitable for you & your baby when massage seems most suited (eg before or after a bath, first thing in the morning or part of the bedtime routine)

- It doesn’t have to be a rigid sequence; you can do the moves according to what your baby wants to do (eg do the back if they want to crawl to look at something)

- Consider using a toy to distract them if they are not interested in lying down & looking at you!

- If your baby is not enjoying it, consider your pressure. Is it too light or firm? Try adjusting it to see if your baby responds more positively

- Watch for non-verbal cues in case your baby wants you to stop. If they begin to cry or are showing signs of disinterest, it is better to leave the massage to another day. 

Most importantly, have fun! It’s a great way for you and your baby to spend time together

  • I give permission for my baby to receive baby massage instruction.
  • I have read the privacy and consent notice, and the guidelines.
  • I understand all work takes place on the floor and will ensure I adjust my posture as needed.
  • I am aware I maintain full responsibility for my baby during the class and if I have any doubts, I will seek the advice of my medical professional before proceeding with Baby Massage classes.
  • I understand refunds are not made for any missed classes
  • I will keep the baby massage instructor informed of any health issues that arise over the course of the class and if I have any symptoms of COVID-19 I will not attend until I have received a negative test result.
  • I understand my email address will be used by the baby massage instructor to provide me with information related to the baby massage course .