Toddler and Children Therapies 

Looking for childrens’ complementary therapies? Based in South Bristol, there’s a range of choices you can choose

Refresher baby massage

As your baby starts to roll or begins to crawl, you’ve probably stopped massaging them. Don’t worry, its’s common! When your baby can move, things are much too interesting to stay still for a massage. Between the ages of 2 and 3 you’ll probably find your child is likely to take an interest again. Even though it’s called baby massage, you can reintroduce baby massage strokes you know.

When you’ve taken a break from massage though, you may feel you’ve lost confidence about how to safely massage your child. A refresher course can remind you of the massage moves. It can also teach you ways to adapt the massage for your child. Massage is a great way to reinforce positive touch to your child, and it can be a time when your child chooses to talk and share things with you. It will help you maintain a good bond, moisturise their skin, and lets you enjoy quality time together.

Looking for a therapy for your child?

If you would like your child to have a therapy, you can choose an appointment from any of the therapies I offer. If your child chooses massage, we can include essential oils ended for them. I hold a DBS certificate and you will need to be present while your child has their therapy.

I would recommend you book a half hour appointment for your child. If I am seeing cues to suggest your child would prefer a shorter session, I’ll stop after 20 minutes and charge accordingly. If your child is used to being massaged, you may feel they would prefer an hour. You are welcome to do so, but please be aware you will charged for the full hour even if your child has decided they want to stop their therapy. You can book the half hour or hour appointment on my booking system. If you would prefer 20minutes, book a half hour appointment and add to the notes the age of the child and that you would like a 20minute appointment 

Massage Refresher

Forgotten the massage strokes or feeling unsure about how to adapt it for your older child?

This refresher baby massage session will teach you how to adapt massage as your child grows. You’ll discover how to adapt a traditional baby massage routine, keep it fun, and make it age appropriate for your growing child

Bespoke Massage

Need bespoke support?

If you have a specific issue, we can focus on providing a holistic approach. During an appointment we’ll put together a combination of different  techniques, such as massage, reflexology and aromatherapy to provide support

Story Massage

This is great for toddlers or children who don’t want to sit still for long and you can learn how to use massage and short stories on your baby’s back. The stories can be ones already written or you can get creative and make your own – it’s about you and your child’s imagination

Book a Therapy

Want your child to receive a therapy from a qualified therapist? You can book an appointment online

How Much Does it Cost?

Childrens’ Therapies in South Bristol:

Refresher sessions cost £45 at my clinic or £60 at home, and will be tailored to you and your child. A session will last between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on what we cover and you should find one session is enough. Any follow up sessions will be charged at £30

20 minute therapy sessions are £20 

30 minute therapy sessions are £25

Over 13 years of age, standard therapy prices for half hour and an hour are charged 

If you’re looking for therapies for older children there is more information on my Young Person page 


Ready to Book?

Refresher sessions can take place at your home or my clinic, depending on what is best for you and your child. When getting in touch, let me know where you would like the session, which days are better and what time of day. I can then let you know my availability

If you would like to book your child for a 20minute or half hour therapy, you can book directly using my online booking app. Please add the age of your child to the notes section. When you book for the first time you will be asked to complete a consultation form on behalf of your child.