young person therapy

Therapies for Young People

Any young person is welcome at Therapy Centre 

Therapies for young people are becoming more popular and you are welcome to book a therapy at my clinic based in South Bristol. Depending on your experience of therapies you may want to consider a half hour or hour appointment. If this is your first dip into therapies, you may want to look at booking a half hour appointment.

While you can choose any therapy, I’d recommend avoiding hot stone massage. This is a deeper form of massage, so you wouldn’t want to think about it unless you are over 15 and used to massage. If you are under 16 and want a hot stone massage, we will need to check an adult is happy with your choice.

Treatments for a young person can be booked online using the app Please be aware while a young person is under 16 years, an adult does need to accompany you for an appointment. When you reach 16 it is entirely your decision whether you want an adult to join you. If they do join you, you can then choose if you would like them to be in the room, or in reception

You Choose

You can choose any therapy to book (excluding hot stone massage)

Fancy essential oils?

Depending on the therapy you have booked, we can choose essential oils, We’ll make sure you like the smell, they’re suitable for you and they’ll be blended so they’re suitable for your age

Not sure how long?

Why not book a half hour and see what you think. If you can’t decide between two therapies you can go for half hour of each, or let me know at your appointment and I’ll let you know if I can combine them

Just for you

These appointments are bespoke and tailored to you. We always aim to ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout your therapy

How Much Does it Cost?


Over 13 years of age, standard therapy prices for half hour and an hour are charged. Please see the childrens’ section for prices under 13


If you are a young person you can book directly using my online booking app. When you book for the first time you will be asked to complete a consultation form. If you are under 16 years of age an adult will need to be present during your therapy