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Blog Posts 

Why I don’t offer aromatherapy recipes

There is a lot of information on the internet, and it's fantastic, as there's so much information at our fingertips. I've seen some social media sites post various aromatherapy recipes which can help with health complaints but as an aromatherapist it's not something...

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Sunflower Oil and Baby Massage

This is a repost of a blog I posted in January 2016 on another site. This information is still relevant considering baby massage and sunflower oil. At the beginning of November a new piece of research was published which looked at the use of olive oil, sunflower oil...

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Offering several therapies

  People sometimes look at my business card and say 'Ooh, you do a lot of things, don't you?' The truth is, I don't. It's just when they're all listed out like that it can seem a lot. My business is all holistic, I'm not a beauty therapist and I have no desire to be....

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Beginning to Learn about Essential Oils

I remember having a reading list of aromatherapy books for my course, and being so excited when the first one arrived. My attitude soon changed when I looked at it and became overwhelmed. There were so many oils with different cautions and Latin words. Honestly, even...

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Neat And Internal Use of Essential Oils

A repost from March 2016, which I posted originally on another website.   Yet again I've seen a post asking about neat and internal use of essential oils because people are confused. Some people say you should never use oils neat or internally while others say...

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Massage when you Feel Body Conscious

  I get a few people who come to me for a different therapy because they feel body conscious. They know a massage is probably going to help them the best, but they're not ready to get stripped off in front of a stranger and flaunt it all. Here's the thing - You...

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What is reiki?

Reiki is pronounced as ray-kee, and began as a Japanese self-healing technique. Over the years it has developed into an energy therapy, which some people think is amazing and others consider as rubbish. During a reiki session you lie fully clothed on a couch or sit in...

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Falling off the Resolution Bandwagon

This is the repost of my blog post from January 2015, in case you fall off the resolution bandwagon. Once again we're finding ourselves at the beginning of January with hope for another year. Have you made any resolutions? Have you already broken them and beaten...

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What to expect during a reflexology appointment

  As a complementary therapist I will admit that I'm guilty of assuming everyone knows what reflexology is and about all the treatments I offer. I'm also guilty of explaining reflexology in terms of the feet mirroring the body systems, working through meridians or...

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Where should I buy my essential oils?

As an aromatherapist this is something I get asked a lot. I know it's because it's a minefield, and the market is so adulterated it's difficult to know what to trust. The thing is, aromatherapists are a funny breed, we get to like our particular suppliers. At the...

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