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Therapy Services

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Baby Massage

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Therapy Centre

Therapy Centre

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These are my latest blog posts, if you’d like to read more you can read them on my blog page

How do I know if my baby enjoys massage?

When I teach baby massage groups I often see parents at the first group nervously wondering if their baby is going to stay still and enjoy the massage. I warn the parents that at some point during the five weeks their baby is likely to cry, and it's ok. It's your...

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Managing Stress

What is stress? We've all heard the word 'stress' and a lot of people use it in everyday vocabulary. Some people think they're not stressed but are used to hiding it, while others frequently feel high levels of stress and are aware of it. Stress can show in many...

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How to get your first therapy session ‘right’

If you've never been for a therapy session you may be wondering what on earth you do. You're going to go and spend some time with a person you've never met before, tell them your health history and then get the therapy you fancied when you had a look at what was on...

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