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Therapy Centre

Therapy Centre

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What is clinical aromatherapy?

These days, it can be difficult to identify what type of aromatherapy you want. You may see the term aromatherapy, go for a therapy and then discover it's a set massage sequence using a pre-blended oil. Technically, yes, this is aromatherapy, but it may not be as...

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Why have regular therapies?

Are you someone who has trouble understanding why someone would pay so much for a therapy? Do you consider it a luxury or a pamper? If so, then you may not understand why people would book to have regular therapies. Years ago, I'll admit I fell into the camp where I...

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What are hydrolats and hydrosols?

  What are hydrolats and hydrosols? In America they are called hydrosols, while in the UK they tend to be called hydrolats or hydrosols depending on the supplier. They are both used to refer to the same product. During steam distillation, the plant material is placed...

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