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Baby Massage

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Therapy Centre

Therapy Centre

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These are my latest blog posts, if you’d like to read more you can read them on my blog page

Therapies and Pregnancy

Occasionally I'm asked if I offer therapies to pregnant women. I don't advertise it on my website, and perhaps I should, but it's because I don't consider it a special skill and I don't consider a therapy for a pregnant woman as something that needs highlighting. As...

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How can you touch peoples’ feet?

So, this is a question I often get asked, and it's usually from people who don't like having their feet touched People are often worried about the appearance of their feet or the fact they may smell a little, however, often feet do look very similar -  foot shaped...

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What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage has become more popular in recent years, as parents think it's a nice thing to do with their young baby while health professionals are beginning to understand the implications of positive touch for an early age. So, what is it? Some people think it...

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