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Therapists Advertising Health Conditions

In the UK, therapists are regulated by the Advertising Standards Agency. So, what does this mean? When I first qualified and we were producing leaflets we were told the usual benefits of our therapies, and we all happily produced leaflets and websites saying we could...

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Babies and Colic

I'm often contacted by parents with babies under 7 weeks because their babies have colic. When I teach baby massage groups I usually recommend waiting until 7 weeks. It's because as a group it's easier to manage, because we can rule out certain conditions and your...

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Why doesn’t your centre look open?

I often get comments that my clinic never looks open, and it's true, I don't run a clinic where you can drop in. When I first took the centre I knew I wouldn't be able to have it open all the time, and it's why I chose the location it's in. I also knew I wouldn't have...

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Can you tell things from my feet?

People who visit me for reflexology often ask at some point during the session, 'is it true you can tell things from what you find on the feet?'. The short answer is yes - when we carry out a reflexology session we may feel or see things on the feet which can reflect...

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Aromatherapy isn’t just about essential oil

If you think of aromatherapy, you'll automatically think of essential oils - and you won't be wrong. What you may not know is there is also another aspect to aromatherapy, which is used by clinical aromatherapists. There is a by-product which is created during the...

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Reintroducing Baby Massage

  Baby massage is a wonderful tool to use with babies, but as your baby grows and begins to roll, crawl and toddle it can become difficult. Even the most enthusiastic of parents may admit defeat in trying to encourage their child to stay still and they find their...

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How Would You Invest £1million?

You've received £1 million, how would you invest it? Would you look on the internet and invest all of it based on what you find? Would you invest 50% on something you find on the internet,10%, or you would invest 0% and book an appointment with an investment...

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Men Need Therapies Too

As a massage therapist I've heard of many therapists who won't treat men, or who have decided to give up the profession completely because of the lewd texts and calls that can be received. I do treat men. I work with the men who have back problems, I see men who want...

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Bespoke Blends for Aromatherapy Massage?

As an aromatherapist I naturally make up blends for my clients before we begin the massage part of the appointment. This is what I consider to be an aromatherapy massage, however, talking to other therapists and my own personal experience of receiving an aromatherapy...

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Why I Meditate

A few years ago I signed up to a 21 day meditation course, I tried to make 20minutes a day but it didn't really go too well. I had distractions, the playback was only available for up to five days and I fell behind. So, I tried again. I found the next time a little...

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