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Baby Massage

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Therapy Centre

Therapy Centre

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How Does Reflexology Work?

If you've never tried reflexology you may know it's to do with the feet and is supposed to be relaxing, but beyond that you may be a bit confused. What is reflexology? Reflexology is a complementary therapy which traditionally takes place on the feet. You can actually...

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When is the best time to massage my baby?

When you learn baby massage you may find yourself wondering when is a good time to massage your baby. Some people automatically think they'll use baby massage before bedtime to encourage their baby to sleep. This can be a good idea, but, if you already have a routine...

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New Year, New You?

It's January again, and that time of year when we get bombarded with messages of hope, aspirations and aims that we should aspire to for the next coming 12 months. Usually, after the Christmas deluge of overindulging, there are...

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