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Therapy Services

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Baby massage

Baby Massage

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Therapy Centre

Therapy Centre

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These are my latest blog posts, if you’d like to read more you can read them on my blog page

Let’s talk about…flatulence

Ok, so I appreciate this isn't something that gets discussed very often, but I'm aware if you've never had a massage before it may be something you're a little concerned about and it may even put you off booking an appointment. We all have bodily functions, some a...

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Take it easy on yourself

So, once again we're at the start of the year. Every year many of us make plans, set goals and set off full steam ahead. For some it's business plans, others health aims, personal challenges; the list can be endless as we try to make our lives perfect. But what if we...

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Can I mix my therapies?

As an holistic therapist I have a toolkit of therapies I offer, as I'm aware not everyone likes the same thing. Regardless of your therapy, I'll have a little chat with you before the session, and it's then you can tell me what you think you may want. If you're having...

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