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Gift Vouchers

Looking for gift vouchers?

We’ve got a selection for you to choose from.

All vouchers are valid at Therapy Centre, BS14   

Follow these instructions when buying a voucher:
  Received a gift voucher?

  • You can book online, just add the order number to your notes.
  • Has your gift voucher expired? Get in touch with your order number – we keep a record of all gift vouchers and may be able to book you an appointment
  • Want a different therapy? Just get in touch and let us know what you’d prefer. If there’s a price difference, you can pay the extra or Louise will make a note on your client notes of the amount outstanding to be deducted from your next appointment
Buying a gift voucher?
Follow these instructions
1. Buy your gift voucher and receive an email to your inbox (you may need to check spam)
2. Download the gift voucher attachment. If you have bought more than one of a specific voucher you can download as many as you need. 
3. Write the order number and the date on the back of the vouchers. This is the number and date on the email you received. If you have more than one, write 01, 02 etc on each voucher. Don’t worry, we also keep a track of the order and will be able to match it 
4. Give your voucher – it will have a 6month expiry date from the day it is bought
You don’t have to give the actual voucher. To be able to book their appointment, we just need to know the order number of the voucher
If you do not receive an email, please check your spam box or contact me.

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Gift Vouchers