Looking for complementary therapy gift vouchers in South Bristol? I work from my clinic in BS14 in South Bristol and offer a range of online vouchers

Explore the options below and you can select a therapy gift voucher from the variations: 

If you know the therapy you want a voucher for: choose from aromatherapy, reflexology, holistic massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage or hot stone massage. Click on the image below and choose a half hour or an hour voucher. (If your recipient wants to change it, they can let me know when they book)

If you have no idea which therapy to choose: you can give them a gift voucher for a specific amount and let your recipient choose their own therapy. Click on the blue gift vouchers button to choose your amount

In the e-books section I have a free e-book with tips about how to find your perfect therapist. You can get immediate access and download it as a PDF

Neals Yard Remedies Organic Products

You can visit here to buy Neals Yard Remedies Organic products from my Independent Consultant website

We are accepting all expired 2021 gift vouchers for the clinic until June 2022. Please get in touch before this time to book an appointment. 


Buying a Gift Voucher:

  1. Purchase your choice and receive an email with the order number and date of purchase
  2. Download the gift voucher attachment – please be aware you can only download the voucher once
  3. Write the order number and date on the back of the gift voucher
  4. Give the gift voucher – there is a 6 month expiry date which begins on the day of purchase. This is to encourage your recipient to book their appointment!

Alternatively, you can give a gift card which can be used in the shop and have a 12month expiry date

Buying an Option without a Gift Voucher:

  1. Purchase your choice and receive the order confirmation email
  2. Contact me to book your appointment and give me the order number and date from the email


If you do not receive an email, please check your spam box or contact me

Choose from the below options for complementary therapy gift vouchers in South Bristol. The vouchers have a 6 month expiry date and are redeemable at Therapy Centre, 12 Kinsale Road, Bristol BS14 9HB. If you discover you have a gift voucher which has recently expired, please contact us. 

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