Face Cradles:

face cradle

If you’re thinking of booking for a massage, you may find you’re being put off by having to put your face in one of those funny holey things. These are called face cradles. I have one as an attachment to my couch. Some therapists also have it built into the couch. 

The idea of a face cradle is you put your head in it while you’re lying on your front. It means you can breathe and relax while your therapist can easily access your neck and shoulders etc. 


Do I have to use it? 

The short answer is no. If you’re claustrophobic, the idea of putting your head into a hole can seem rather daunting. If it’s your first time visiting, I’ll ask if you’re happy with a face cradle. Most of the therapists I’ve visited have also asked. If your therapist doesn’t ask, remember, you can say you don’t want it. It’s your therapy and you’re paying.  

What’s the alternative? 

That depends on you and your therapist and what you would prefer. I have a wipeable pillow I use for people who want one. I have also use a rolled up towel for those towel who want support under their neck. Some people have also found that nothing below their head is more comfortable. I’ve also been to therapists who use a standard pillow to support the head.

Lying down:

For some people lying on the couch can be a problem. In these cases we need to assess what the issue is and how we can make you comfortable. For example, if lying face down is uncomfortable due to large breasts, then you may find a breast cushion supportive, or you may prefer a towel. I’ve also provided cushioning for people who have ICD’s and feel uncomfortable lying directly on their front.

When you think lying flat on your back is going to put too much pressure on it, some people find the bolster provides enough support. If this doesn’t feel enough, you’re welcome to raise your legs. We can also raise the top of the couch up if you have breathing difficulties, or other issues. Again, we can use cushions behind your back if we need to support it more.

If you think turning over during the massage will be an issue, then you may want to stay on one side or you may want to consider a seated massage.

When do I tell you? 

If you’re worried about issues, you can put the details on the notes section of your booking form, or you can contact your therapist and talk to them about your concerns. If it’s something simple like removing the face cradle or providing a cushion, your therapist will easily be able to do this at the start of your appointment.




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