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Want to know what other people think of my baby massage course? This is some of the feedback from previous courses. I also post my latest feedback on my Instagram page



Highly recommend doing the massage class at home – the babies were so relaxed and comfortable

A lovely course and nice way to spend time with your baby!

I found the course very informative and we’re enjoying baby massage daily before bath time

Thank you, we’ve really enjoyed it!

It was a lovely way to bond with my baby, thank you

It’s a lovely time to spend with baby, giving great skills to use at home

Lovely bonding session for you and your baby!

Really enjoyable course, great value, really knowledgeable

Brilliant session, great and easy to follow and use at home. Great for babies and helps with wind and constipation!

Thank you, pleasant experience

We have really enjoyed it, thank you

I really enjoyed the course and have learnt numerous massage techniques to use on my little one. The instructor also was lovely – she was very friendly and approachable

Lovely course and very friendly instructor, would definitely recommend

A super experience, worth every penny! Louise is fantastic!

Great course – good length (5 weeks). Very accommodating for your babies

Fantastic course

Great. Engaging and enjoyable

Nice to do as a group session

Lovely session. A really special time for me and baby!

Be led by your baby! Great to do with a second child as you really get time together

Great bonding with baby

Good Mum (Parent) and baby time. Takes a bit of getting used to – builds up confidence

Really enjoyed the massages and songs. Talk about oils really helpful

Really lovely, gentle and relaxed. Loved the singing, though I can’t remember the tune

It’s a lovely time to spend with baby, giving great skills to use at home

Thank you – really enjoyed the course and the friendly supportive atmosphere

Really enjoyed the course and spending one to one time with daughter, which is not always easy with another daughter!

Really enjoyed it!

Great course – thankyou



I really enjoyed how matter of fact the delivery was. Very calm and sensible approach. Its made me very confident in how to build it in at home

We have really enjoyed the course! I wish it wasn’t coming to an end! Thank you

Fabulous course

Louise is just fab! Great fun for mum and baby

Great to learn all about baby massage – learnt lots of techniques to help my baby’s wind and constipation.

We had the course at home. Was very relaxed and my eldest child joined in. Was a lovely hour each week. Baby girl loves it

Definitely do the course!

Really valuable course, excellent value for money. Positive, encouraging and relaxed.

Excellent course. Baby loved it and it certainly kept their attention.

Loved baby massage. Louise is lovely, friendly & welcoming & really easy to follow. My baby is always nice & chilled after massage.

The course was a fantastic opportunity to have a calm bonding time with my second son (a luxury with a 2 year old at home!) Mummy time is very precious!

Would highly recommend to help bond with baby and have fun together with other mums.

Fantastic course. Started at 7 weeks with my son who has reflux. Great support from Louise. Did massage sat up rather than led down.

Really helped to relax my baby and encourages sleeping at night.

Well worth doing, allows bonding with child, is great to see interaction with baby when giving massage. Provides valuable information

Excellent. Good Value

Louise is lovely and a really great teacher and is very calm when babies get grouchy/hungry/upset so you don’t feel awkward. She will also go back over any bits you miss due to feeding/cuddling so you don’t miss out.

The course is great, a real bonding experience for Mum/Dad & baby & a great way to meet other parents

We can highly recommend this course, our 3m old boy is much happier for it!

Highly recommend for Mums & Dads. Babies respond well to the massage & Louise. A happy, relaxed lovely experience

I would probably wait until my baby was a bit older with more set nap times as she was always asleep at the beginnings, however Louise was always more than happy to go over what we had missed

Louise is lovely – great time to bond with your baby & the course is very relaxed

Lovely calming environment to learn a new skill

Course has been an excellent way of having one to one time with your baby

Very good value for money. Now feel confident to do it at home myself

Do what you can, its for the baby so make it fun!

Advice on oils and various tips excellent. Really appreciated the ‘repeats’ as well to ensure we’ve picked it up

Friendly with good advice

Course very useful and enjoyable. Various strokes simple and easy to fit into night home bath routine

Really enjoyed the program…I particularly enjoyed the reaction [my baby] gives me during the massage. Huge smiles! Louise has also given me great tips on how to get [my baby] to stay interested during the whole massage. Would recommend the course to others

I would definitely recommend slightly older – she has really responded well after 10 weeks

Louise made us feel very welcome and taught the class well. Really feel confident doing massage now

I thought my baby was more receptive once she was 12 weeks old – she slept through the first class – which might be worth bearing in mind

Brilliant course – helpful for individual problems (e.g. constipation) and was good to bond with child

Very enjoyable course/great bonding time

A great course with useful step by step stages so that I can use just some with [my baby] before bed time, which seems to relax her for bed

Practice different body parts rather than just one area or you’ll forget them

A great course to do to help bond with your baby

It’s a lovely way to spend time with baby

To get the most out of the course wait until your baby is happy on their tummy

Very good, baby loves the massage

Thought Louise had a lovely, relaxing manner. Didn’t make you feel bad if your baby started crying!

Has become a lovely part of bedtime routine

A pleasant way to spend an afternoon for both you and your baby

Great way to bond with baby and spend quality time together. Knowledgeable and friendly teacher. Really enjoyed it.

Nice way to spend time completely focusing on your baby

Wonderful way to bond with your baby!

Lovely social class. Great bonding time with baby

‘Fantastic addition to [my babys] bedtime routine.’

‘Nice that we did course with a group from ante-natal sessions. Would recommend it.’

‘A good course that my baby really loved. It really calmed him’

Baby really enjoyed it and it got me more into massaging her. Repetition of nursery rhymes made massages easy to remember

Really great to spend one on one time with baby, helpful to remember each week what we did week before

Great to be able to spend time doing something to help her relax as she spends lots of time crying at home!

Great to have something to do with a small baby and something special to do together

Baby really enjoyed massage despite screaming at home for normal cream application! Strange but great

My baby really enjoys the massage and we’ve built it into the bath/bed routine. Worth doing for some ideas on different moves

An interesting and fun course, and great to have lots of materials to take away

I found the session really helpful, and have been doing short massages with my son whenever I can since. He’s been very windy and I think the tummy routine has been brilliant in helping him with that.

A good kitbag for tummy trouble and other potential niggles

May be difficult to get full benefits of baby massage if your baby is quite active

It was easy to pick up and in a really friendly, welcoming environment.

I really enjoyed coming along and chatting with everyone too.

Lovely course – both enjoyed it a lot!

Lovely teacher, very useful and baby loved it

Lovely small interactive group and brilliant teacher who relaxed and included the babies

Great course – especially like the songs we used. Great teacher too, who is especially good at talking to the babies and very approachable

Enjoyable class – thank you

Thank you for answering questions fully and for being so welcoming!

Singing during massage was great for calming baby!

Learnt a lot – thank you!