aromatherapy massage


Looking for aromatherapy massage in South Bristol? Whether you’re looking for a traditional aromatherapy massage which focuses on relaxation, or you want a focus on problem areas using holistic massage techniques and essential oils, you can learn more below

I also offer appointments to produce tailored blends for use at home, without massage. If you’re looking for an appointment for home-use blends, explore the aromatology and clinical aromatherapy page for more information




Bespoke Blends

During your consultation we talk about the focus of your massage, so I can get an idea of essential oils to use. I’ll suggest a blend based on what you’ve told me and let you smell it. If you don’t like the aroma, don’t worry, we change it until you do. Each appointment you can get a different blend based on your personal needs


Aromatherapy Massage

Want a traditional aromatherapy massage? This is a lighter massage which focuses on relaxation. A traditional aromatherapy massage is usually for an hour and includes a massage on your back, legs, stomach, arms, neck, head, face and feet. If you have areas you’d prefer to focus on, or areas to avoid, we tailor the massage for you. The focus during the massage is on applying the essential oil blend for its therapeutic effects, and using techniques which help you to relax 

Aromatherapy Fusion

Want an aromatherapy massage which includes deeper work? If so, then you may prefer an aromatherapy fusion session. This uses my massage toolkit with techniques from holistic massage, but includes the aroma of the essential oils. You’ll have the therapeutic benefit of the essential oils while also working problem areas 


Your Choice

You can choose between half hour, hour, or hour and half massage sessions. If you choose half hour then we can massage a part of your body, such as your back and shoulders. During an hour, or hour and half appointment, you can choose a full body massage or the parts to be massaged. A full body massage consists of back, legs, stomach, arms, neck, head and feet. At the beginning of each session we talk about if there are areas you’d rather avoid or focus on, so we can tailor the massage for you

Want to book an appointment? 

If you’d like to book an aromatherapy massage at my clinic in South Bristol, you can view my calendar and book directly online. Alternatively, you can contact me with your preferred day, and what sort of time would work best for you.