clinical aromatherapy

Clinical Aromatherapy & Aromatology

Clinical aromatherapy usually refers to receiving an appointment without massage and making bespoke blends for you to use at home. Depending on your problem, there may be a localised massage during your appointment. Aromatology refers to aromatherapy which may be more intense or internal. It can involve producing capsules, pessaries or using hydrolats to manage an issue



Clinical Aromatherapy

Clinical aromatherapy usually involves using essential oils in higher dilutions than aromatherapy massage.  It may include a localised massage, if appropriate, or focus on blends to be used at home. The blends in clinical aromatherapy are usually more diluted than those used in aromatology

Bespoke Blends

The appointment focuses on the area you have an issue with. During the consultation we talk about your problem and possible essential oils which may be suitable. We also discuss how a home plan may work best for you and some home blends may be produced for you


An advanced form of aromatherapy, aromatology is also known as aromatic medicine. It can involve using the oils neat, intensive or internal depending on the nature of the problem. This application is only used if the benefit is believed to outweigh the risk and is one which requires monitoring regularly. This is a bespoke plan and we adjust dilutions depending on how your respond, with the aim is to move you to clinical aromatherapy dilutions when appropriate

Additional Costs

For some conditions it may be beneficial to receive pessaries, capsules, suppositories, hydrolats or additional blends. If it is thought these are required for home use there will be an additional charge. During the consultation we’ll talk about the best methods of application for you and we will agree on them before I make any bespoke products, this means you’re always in control of how much you’re spending

How Much?

These appointments are completely bespoke sessions, so the time can vary depending on the issue. The first appointment can take up to an hour and quarter, but will be £70 maximum. Future sessions are usually half an hour or an hour, depending on what is happening during the appointment. For half hour the appointment charge is £30, and an hour is £55. If items such as pessaries, suppositories, hydrolats or home blends are needed, there will be additional charges. Any additional costs will be talked about during your consultation and agreed before making or ordering them. The cost for these will vary but should cost no more than £50

Want to Book Clinical Aromatherapy Session?

Want to book an appointment for clinical aromatherapy at my clinic in South Bristol? You can book an appointment directly online. Alternatively, you can contact me with your preferred days and times and I can let you know my availability