Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage in South Bristol.  This is a deeper form of massage, where hot basalt stones are used to massage your body. It can include a full body massage: back, legs, stomach, arms, neck, head, face and feet. Alternatively, we can tailor the appointment and exclude, or focus, on particular areas which we will identify during your consultation



Stone Massage

This massage uses heated basalt stones for the massage techniques, so it provides a deeper massage. You can choose an hour or an hour and half massage, with focus on problem areas

Full Body

This option is an hour and half and focuses on relaxation. You begin by lying on basalt stones while your arms and legs are massaged. You then receive a massage on the back of your body, leaving you relaxed


Which Oil

During the consultation we’ll have a chat and you’ll get to choose if you would like a plain carrier oil without essential oils, or an aromatherapy blended oil for your massage


Talking Choice

It’s your therapy time so if you decide you want to talk to me, that’s fine. Prefer to close your eyes and relax? Not a problem! If you fall asleep, it’s a compliment

hot stone back massage

Want to Book a Hot Stone Massage?

Want to book a hot stone massage appointment at my clinic in South Bristol? You can check my availability and book online now or get in touch with ideal days and if you’d prefer day or evening appointment times. Also let me know if you’d like to book a half hour or hour long appointment

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