Price Changes

At the beginning of the year, I decided I didn’t want to increase my prices due to all the additional costs we have been facing.
I am now aware my pricing is below the industry average, so, as a result of this, my prices will be increasing for NEW clients from 1st July. These will be:

Standard Pricing:
Massage 30 minutes £30 1 hour £55 1 ½ hour £80
Reflexology 30 minutes £30 1 hour £45
Reiki 30 minutes £30 1 hour £50
Indian Head Massage 30minutes £30 1 hour £45
Hot Stone Massage 1 hour £60 1 ½ hour £85

Existing clients:
To say thank you for your continued support, I am increasing my prices minimally by £2. From 1st July the new prices will be:
Half hour therapies £28
Reflexology and Indian head massage £42
Reiki £42
Massage £50
A change to this will be hot stone massage, due to the additional heating costs involved:
Hot stone massage one hour £55 1 ½ hours £80

I know things happen which can prevent you visiting for a therapy, but these prices will be offered to regular existing clients.

If you do not book in 15 weeks, please be aware you will be moved to the standard pricing.

If you currently pay 5 for 6 sessions, this is still valid for you.
6th session discounts will also be kept in place.

If you do not feel £2 is affordable at this point, let me know at the start of your therapy and I can amend your therapy to a 50 minute appointment.