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Buy the 3 book bundle to get instant access to practical, dependable information 

Can’t decide which of the e-books to read first? Why not buy all three and get a discount! Packed full of aromatherapy information, you’ll learn how to safely use your essential oils in a variety of ways and compile your own collection and discoveries. Buy now and get them delivered to your inbox.

aromatherapy ebooks for beginners

Looking for aromatherapy e-books for beginners?

Are you confused by essential oils? 

Unsure about what you’re reading on the internet?

Looking for different ways to use your essential oils? 

Don’t know where to start on building your essential oil collection?

Want to build your own knowledge about essential oils and keep it in one place? 

What you’ll get

Easy to read books covering the basics you need to know to get started with essential oils

Ebooks designed to be read on tablets and mobiles, so they’re always accessible 

No nonsense advice from an experienced aromatherapist 

3 books, each with a different focus: 


common-sense approach to using essential oils

1.) A Common-Sense Approach to Essential Oils

Covers the main aspects think about when you’re looing for information on online. Understand potential red flags about the information you’re reading     


2.) How to Use Essential Oils how to use essential oils

This helps you learn different ways to use your bottle of essential oil. We cover different ways you may want to think about your oils

An easy to read e-book with information you can trust 



3.) Learning to Love Essential Oilslearning about essential oils

A workbook designed to help you build your essential oil library. Guides you through exploring your oils and recording your findings. The more you fill it out the more you build a great library for you to refer back to

These books are for you if:

You’re a beginner who’s bewildered by what you’ve seen

You’re looking for practical no-nonsense advice

You need information you can understand and know is correct


This isn’t for you if:

You already have a lot of aromatherapy knowledge

You’re looking for advanced in-depth information about essential oils

You’re looking for lots of aromatherapy recipes to follow  


“I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read…Really informative and have definitely improved my knowledge”   HN