When you think of aromatherapy, do you think of aromatherapy with a massage? If so, you’re not alone. Many people think that when you book with a therapist for an aromatherapy session, you will be getting a massage, however it is possible to book an aromatherapy appointment without massage, or with just one area massaged.

Why would you want to do this? Making essential oil blends

A clinical aromatherapy appointment does not include massage, as the focus is on the essential oils. This type of appointment is often booked if you have a specific health complaint, or if you want aromatherapy blends made to use at home.

During the session we complete a consultation, identifying why you want essential oil blends and discussing the best approach. In the case of an issue such as constipation I’d recommend a stomach massage during the session, to help move the contents. I’d also give you tips on how to carry out a massage yourself, and you would receive a home blend which would involve oils to help digestion. We would discuss if you would prefer a cream or oil to apply a blend at home and I would make bespoke blends, using appropriate essential oils in a dilution which would be most appropriate.

In a situation like anxiety or panic attacks, we’ll have a session talking about different techniques which may help you manage an episode and you’ll receive a bespoke blend to use in a way which works for you. For some people this may be a cream applied to the chest, other people may prefer a roller ball to apply to pulse points and for others direct inhalation may be the best method.

Some people book a clinical aromatherapy appointment because they want to use essential oils at home; they want bespoke blends but they have no idea where to start, what they may want to use and how to use it. During the appointment we’ll work out what you want to use essential oils for – is it for relaxing in the evening, or is to help you get going in the morning? We’ll work out the best ways for you to use the oils and then make sure you like the oils you’re going to be using before I make your bespoke blends during the session.

So, the next time you want essential oil advice, you’d like help with a specific health condition, or you’d like some bespoke blends made up for home use, why not book a clinical aromatherapy appointment?


Louise Morgan Holistic TherapistLouise is an holistic therapist who owns the Therapy Centre, BS14 9HB, a clinic offering a range of holistic and beauty therapies. Louise offers reflexology, aromatherapy, aromatology, holistic massage, Indian head massage, reiki, baby massage and story massage. She is a mum of two boys and when she is not working she enjoys getting outdoors with her family. For further information visit louise-morgan.co.uk or contact her clinic on 01275 217160