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Learn to safely massage your baby with an experienced instructor who has been teaching since 2008. Choose from face to face tuition or a 5 week online course to enjoy a fun and special time with your baby

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Really valuable course, excellent value for money. Positive, encouraging and relaxed.

Course has been an excellent way of having one to one time with your baby

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Massaging your baby is a great way to spend time together, and there are different options based on your personal preferences. Whether you’re enjoying a magical time with your baby or struggling with post natal depression, learning to massage your baby can help strengthen the emotional bond with your baby and give you a fun and special time together.

All ways to learn how to massage your baby are designed to ensure you will feel confident massaging your baby and you know how to adapt the massage as your baby grows. Whichever course you choose, we cover the basics on how to prepare your space, which oils are safe for use, common health conditions and why you may want to include songs.

Even though it is called baby massage it is possible to use the skills to massage an older child. Check out the children page for more information

Common benefits of regular massage:

  •  It’s a great bonding time for both of you
  • Using oil during the massage encourages smooth skin
  • Due to the relaxing effect, regular massage can help to deepen the breathing
  • A regular stomach massage can be helpful to the digestive system
  • A massage encourages relaxation and calmness
  • Regular massage promotes a positive mind and body relationship
  • Massage can help with the development of good posture
  • Some parents find regular massage helps to calm their baby and encourage sleep