If you’re booking for a massage you’ll soon discover there are a lot of different types, including aromatherapy massage.

Aromatherapy massage is a specific type of massage which uses a blend of essential oils diluted in a carrier oil (vegetable oil). Many massages use carrier oils to help produce a glide on your skin, but if you want an aroma back massagethen then you are specifically looking for an aromatherapy massage.

If you visit a beauty therapist for an aromatherapy massage then you will probably have a pre-blended oil used on your body. This is one which has been bought already diluted and with particular oils in it. If you visit an aromatherapist then you should be given a choice of essential oils which are then diluted in the carrier oil ready for your massage.


How is an aromatherapy massage different?

  1. Traditionally, an aromatherapy massage includes lots of gentle long sweeping strokes, however you may find there is more work on problem areas. This is because the focus is on getting the essential oils applied to the skin
  2. Some therapists may use a set sequence, while others will go with the flow – this is likely to be dependant on their training and continuing professional development 
  3. The pressure for an aromatherapy massage will usually be lighter, as the aim is to aid relaxation 
  4. You’ll receive slightly different aftercare, as ideally you want to keep the essential oils on your skin to allow them time to absorb into the bloodstream


Why would you book an aromatherapy massage? 

  1. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a lighter pressure 
  2. It’s a good option if you’re looking to relax 
  3. If you like aromas and want to use essential oils for an issue, then a massage from an aromatherapist can be a good choice 

Personally, I find that my aromatherapy fusion massage is my most popular choice. Often, people want to feel they’ve had a massage but also like the smell of the essential oils, so we combine the two. If you want a traditional aromatherapy massage, then you will have a gentle massage, but if you want something a little deeper, just tell your therapist


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Louise is an holistic therapist who owns Therapy Centre, BS14 9HB, a clinic offering a range of holistic and beauty therapies. Louise offers aromatherapy, reflexology, holistic massage, baby massage, reiki and story massage. She is a mum of two boys and when she is not working she enjoys getting outdoors with her family. For further information about Louise, visit  louise-morgan.co.uk