When you learn baby massage you may find yourself wondering when is a good time to massage your baby. Some people automatically think they’ll use baby massage before bedtime to encourage their baby to sleep. This can be a good idea, but, if you already have a routine you may need to think about how you’re going to incorporate it.

Your cunning idea may not go to plan!
essential oils in a bath

You may be thinking you’ll give your baby a bath, then a massage, then some milk before they head off to bed for a fantastic long sleep. Your baby, however, may have other ideas! You may not yet know it, but your baby may like your current routine. Your baby may like to have a bath, then their milk, and may not take too kindly to you trying to massage them. Some babies might prefer a massage before their bath (please take extreme care if you do this, as your baby may be slippery in the bath, so keep a good hold of them), while others are quite happy for you to move their timings to include some massage. It all depends on your baby.

Remember, they’re little individuals, so you may need to try a different approach

Even though it’s commonly used for sleep, don’t feel baby massage just has to be done before bedtime. It is common, because parents often want to calm their baby and settle them for bed, but there is nothing to stop you from massaging your baby earlier in the day. Some parents will massage a tummy while changing a nappy, or if they’re cuddling their baby they may massage their baby’s head. I have quite a few parents who found they enjoyed massaging their baby in the morning when they are both alert and happy – and this is fine.

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A baby massage session is one which is meant to be fun for you and your baby. There is no need to commit to a set time of day if it doesn’t work for you both – experiment and see what works for you! Learning baby massage gives you a toolkit to help soothe common issues with your baby, but also a chance to have more fun with your baby. Don’t make it a stressful experience, if it begins to be stressful, give it some tweaks and find a time which suits you and your baby better.




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