Indian head massage is traditionally a seated massage through the clothes, although it is possible to have the massage with a towel wrapped around you so oil can be used on the neck and shoulders. So, why do people book an Indian head massage?

The short answer is, it’s all about personal choice. There are many reasons why someone may choose to book an Indian head massage rather than a couch massage:

  • Some people prefer a seated massage and an Indian head massage is an ideal choice for them 
  • Some people don’t want to get undressed, so a massage through the clothes means they don’t have to worry about this aspect Indian Head Massage
  • For some people they are aware they get shoulder and neck stiffness, so an Indian head massage is great as it focuses on these areas
  • Some people are unsure about getting undressed with a therapist they have never met, so may choose Indian head massage as their first therapy
  • Others don’t want to fall asleep while they have a massage and they find being seated helps reduce this happening
  • Some people like the fact they have a massage and a chakra balancing
  • People like the benefits they feel after they have received an Indian head massage
  • As with other complementary therapies, Indian head massage is great for relaxation and can give you time to switch off
  • It’s a great therapy to receive if you’re in a public place, as you just sit on a chair!
  • Some people love the focus on their head and scalp, which tends to be less if you receive a couch massage
  • If you’re receiving your therapy during work time, then a dry Indian head massage means you won’t be covered in oil

If you’ve never had an Indian head massage and you’re wondering what to expect, you can read about it in my previous blog post, explaining Traditional Indian Head Massage, which tells you what happens during your first session. As with all therapies, it’s important to tell your therapist any important health information so your therapist can adapt the session, if needed.

As with all the therapies I offer, choosing Indian head massage comes down to your personal preference. There are not right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing your therapy, it’s about the one that works for you.


Louise is an holistic therapist who owns Therapy Centre, Bristol BS14 9HB, a clinic offering a range of holistic and beauty therapies. Louise offers reflexology, aromatherapy, holistic massage, Indian head massage, reiki, baby massage and story massage. She is a mum of two boys and when she is not working she enjoys getting outdoors with her family.  For further information about Louise, visit