It’s the beginning of January and I need another new therapist to add to my personal well-being kit. Pre-Covid, I had regular therapies several times a month. Unfortunately, during the pandemic I saw many decide things were too difficult to continue. Last year I was lucky enough to discover a new therapist, but I know I also need something else in my toolkit. Randomly, over Christmas I was looking for something else and then started looking for someone. I know I’ve been pushing it a bit with my body, and it’s been very forgiving, but that could stop at anytime.

Where to look?

I realised, that despite being a therapist, it was still a minefield. I found someone who offers the type of massage I was looking for, checked their qualifications and that they were part of a recognised membership body. The thing is, I know our field is unregulated and someone who has completed an online course could be advertising their wares next to someone who has spent a year or more completing case studies and learning their trade. I was aware of the apprehension about a new appointment and it really made me appreciate again how new people booking with me will feel. It’s a massive first step to book that appointment.

Making changes

It also got me thinking about how one step can make a big change in our lives, even though they seemed busy calendar insignificant at the time. In January many people tend to set resolutions or goals and have high aims. The thing is, those big aims don’t just happen. Sometimes, it’s the teeny tiny steps that change the course of things.

My dissatisfaction in my office job saw me request a brochure for a therapy school (which was then put in a drawer for who knows how long). One little step set off a catalyst for me changing my whole life over the next few decades. If I’d tried to plan it in one go I’d have probably become overwhelmed and stayed stuck in inactivity.

One little step

One little step saw me deciding to meditate one day and it then saw me repeating it again and again. Even after many years I still struggle at times. The habit has led to my mind feeling much quieter and I have a lot less internal chatter. One little step of keeping a gratitude diary has meant that over the years my brain has reprogramed itself not to constantly head to the negative (Our brains will automatically consider the negative as a way to keep us safe – another remnant from our hunter days).  I meet many people who want to make changes but get bogged down in the bigger picture. Breaking it down into the next step and starting one insignificant looking habit is all you have to do to keep things going.

I read a book called ‘The One Thing’ which suggested prioritising the one thing you needed to get done that day. (My partner joked about the title) but it really did point out how we can procrastinate and divert ourselves with things that aren’t important. If we just keep doing the one next important thing, and then the next, it’s amazing how you can look back and discover how much things have changed. I meet a lot of people who are all or nothing. They are setting themselves up to fail – it’s got to be the gym every day, a constant clean diet, not drinking alcohol etc, but the lack of wiggle room means when it doesn’t go to plan it’s easy to become despondent and fall off the wagon.

One step, little and often, will get you far

With the advent of a new year, shiny sales, new courses, lots of hope to start new routines, is it worth just resting a bit longer? One of my personal things is to get back on track to looking after myself more. It may notrunning be in how society thinks I should look after myself, but it will be what I’m hearing my body would like. This month I’ll be a little decadent and I’ll be have 3 therapies, but you know, this month of decadence is a good kickstart to get me me looking after myself even more. My job is a full time one and by making sure I’m the best I can be, it means I can be in a place ready to help others more.

The old phrase that we can’t fill up from an empty cup is so true, so think about the one step you can do to support yourself this week. Then, next week, repeat the process. If the bigger picture is overwhelming just look at the step in front of you – go on, you never know where it might take you!


Louise is an holistic therapist who owns Therapy Centre, BS14 9HB, a clinic in South Bristol. She offers a range of holistic therapies and started her business in 2008. Since then Louise has aged, put on weight and become shorter than her eldest son. Her youngest is rapidly growing and her partner is 6 ft 5, so she anticipates being the shortest soon.

Louise hates having her photo taken but keeps changing her hairstyle, so please don’t judge.  For information about: therapies, online baby massage course, blog posts you can visit her website  You can also book an appointment online