Are you someone who has trouble understanding why someone would pay so much for a therapy? Do you consider it a luxury or a pamper?

If so, then you may not understand why people would book to have regular therapies.

Years ago, I’ll admit I fell into the camp where I considered a therapy as a luxury and I would go to a spa to have a one off session. I found it relaxinrelaxationg, but didn’t think any more about it. Then, I began my training and looking at different therapies. I began to increase my regularity of receiving them, and then, one day I realised I had made a mental shift from considering them as a luxury to regarding them as a form of wellbeing that I should take more seriously.

For me, regular therapies allows me to keep on top of issues. As I age I’m aware my body is becoming less forgiving and I am having to do more to keep it happy. I know many of my clients have regular therapies for the same reason. They find having regular therapies helps them to feel their best, manage day to day stresses, provide contact with someone when they don’t receive regular social interactions, helps them sleep well, allows them to manage a niggly issue, give themselves time for themselves – the list goes on and is unique to each person.

The thing is, the cost may seem a lot, but if it keeps you feeling well then perhaps its worth the expense. We often fail to recognise the value of our health until we fall into ill health and realise the effort that is involved into becoming healthier again. Having regular therapies won’t stop you from becoming ill, but they aim to encourage your well-being and something called homeostasis. Our bodies can do amazing things if they are given the space to do so, however often our current hectic lifestyles don’t give our bodies the time to take that important break.

So, the next time you go for a pamper, ask yourself if its worth committing to a regular session every 4-6 weeks and seeing if the benefit lasts longer!


Louise is an holistic therapist who owns Therapy Centre, Bristol BS14 9HB, a clinic offering a range of holistic and beauty therapies. Louise offers reflexology, aromatherapy, holistic massage, Indian head massage, reiki, baby massage and story massage. She is a mum of two boys and when she is not working she enjoys getting outdoors with her family.  For further information about Louise, visit